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Welcome to Central Library

"Jaihind Polytechnic, Kuran" has consistently been advancing its knowledge strength. Libraries are supposed to be one of the most important knowledge centres at any educational institute. We feel happy to have 12,121 books, 01 International Journals and 28 National Journals and 07 magazines available in the libraries of constituent units of Jaihind Polytechnic, Kuran. In 2016-17 we have added 516 books by investing near about Rs.6,50,000. We purchasing the 04 news-paper for the student use, in the Library. The figures itself indicates our commitment for the welfare of students who desires and deserve the best in their academic life.

Our 'Library' is housed in a spawning 301sq mt area with internationally renowned collection of Books, International magazines, Bound Volumes & Compact Disks (C.Dā€™S) on wide varying subjects such as Technical, Science. The library continues to be a "Prime resource" supporting Teaching, Research & Consultancy Services offered to Faculty, students, Researchers, engineering members.

Library procures books & Journals annually. Considering the rapid advances in various branches of engineering the management of our Institute makes provisions to the tune of Rs. 7,00,000 lakhs every year for the library budget, enabling the fast growth of its collections, apart from provisions books and journals. On an average around 250 students/day visit various sections of library to use the facilities. We have to use Bar Code System for books transactions and Library Automotion System.

Rules and Regulations


  1. Silence to be maintained at all costs.
  2. Identity card is must while entering and using the library.
  3. Use of cell phone and smoking in the library is strictly prohibited.
  4. While entering the library student must sign in a student register./ Scan your I ā€“ Card.
  5. While entering the library except laptops, students are not allowed to carry their personal belongings (bags, brief-cases, parcels etc.) and eatable items (biscuits, cookies, fruits, chocolates, cold drinks, tea/coffee, etc.).
  6. Students should handle the Library property carefully to avoid loss.
  7. Library facility is to be used for Academic Purpose only.
  8. Tentative Library timings are:
    • From start to end of each term : 8 A.M. to 6 P.M.
    • During Examination Reading Hall(On All Days) : 8 A.M. to 12 A.M.(Midnight)
  9. Issue Section:
    • Books are issued only to persons having own borrower cards.
    • Check the Accession number of the books before leaving the counter.
    • Check the books for missing pages & inform the staff.
    • Enter your particulars properly in the Register.
  10. Reference Section:
    • Persons without I-cards are not allowed in Reference Section.
    • Reference books issued on I-card should not be taken out of the section.
  11. CD ROM:
    • Latest I-card holders are only allowed. Submit your I-card at the counter.
    • In coming & out-going CD Register particulars must be filled.
  12. Periodicals:
    • Latest I-card holders are only allowed.
    • Leave the Books /Journals on the table.

Library Advisory Committee

A technical committee is involving all Head of Departments, Dean, Librarian and Principal as the head to oversee and keep the library to serve it's best. This committee keeps itself-abreast with developments by taking the consultancy for development of library.

Committee Members

Sr No Designation & Department Committee Designation
1 Principal Chairman
2 Academic Coordinator(First Shift) Member
3 Academic Coordinator(Second Shift) Member
4 H.O.D. Computer Engineering Department Member
5 H.O.D. Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering Department Member
6 H.O.D. Information Technology Engineering Department Member
7 H.O.D. Mechanical Engineering Department Member
8 H.O.D. Civil Engineering Department Member
9 Non-Teaching (Administrative - Any one) Member
10 Students( Per Couese Wise one student ) (05) Member
11 Asst. Librarian Member Secretary

Library Sections

Library Reference Section
Department Titles
Computer/IT Engineering 3509
Mechanical Engineering 3065
Electronics/ E & TC Engineering 1816
Civil Engineering 1301
General Science 2367
Novel and Others 311
TOTAL 12369

  • MSBTE old Question paper sets for Reference.
  • Electronic Books Search facility.
  • Availability of photocopying facility.
  • A Good collection of Special (rare) & Costly Books.
  • Syllabus & Structure files of all Branches.
  • Books Cataloguing ā€“ Manual.
  • Provision of Oxford English dictionary.
  • Collection of various subjects Hand Books.
Library Reference Section
Department Books
Computer/IT Engineering 3509
Mechanical Engineering 3065
Electronic/ E & TC Engineering 1816
Civil Engineering 1301
General Science 2367
Novel and Others 311
TOTAL 11201

  • Two Book/students are issued for one semester.
  • The section has electronic search facility for availability of books.
  • General Awareness (Articles) studying abroad, Employment opportunity related material is collected & Kept for reading.
  • Student's In plant training reports are made available.
  • It also subscribes to 05 Newspapers (Marathi & English.)
Library Periodical Section
Topics Number Foreign Indians Complementary
Computer / IT Engineering 09 00 09 02
Electronics / E & TC Engineering 06 00 06 02
Mechanical Engineering 06 00 06 03
Civil Engineering 05 01 04 01
General Science 03 00 03 00
TOTAL 29 01 28 08

Departmental Library

Department No. of Books
Electronics / E & Tc Engineering 103
Mechanical Engineering 205
Civil Engineering 40
Computer / IT Engineering 05
General Science 32