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About Us

Prof. Sashikant Mahadev Nagargoje
(Head of Department)

    Civil Engineering, the mother branch, has kept pace with the rapid growth in the field of technology. It is that branch of engineering which provides basic amenities required for the survival and maintenance of the environment. It handles a big range of engineering tasks including designing, supervision and construction activities of public works like roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, airports, dams etc. Civil engineering offers huge challenge and vast career opportunities.

    Department of Civil Engineering is one of the departments established in the year 2010 affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University and recognized by AICTE. It offers Under Graduate Program in Civil Engineering. The Civil Engineering undergraduate program is to provide students with a multidisciplinary curriculum that is fundamental, yet broad and flexible, to produce graduates who are well-grounded in Mathematical, Scientific, and Technical knowledge.

    It is traditionally broken into several sub-disciplines including environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, water resources engineering, materials engineering, coastal engineering, surveying, and construction engineering. Civil Engineering takes place at all levels: in the public sector from municipal through to federal levels, and in the private sector from individual homeowners through to international companies.

    After completing a B.Tech/BE, opt for M.Tech/ MS in various specializations such as Transportation Systems, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Remote Sensing, Hydraulic and Water Resources, Environmental Engineering and Management.

    Growth of population and urbanization invited new problems in urban planning such as water supply, waste disposal, transportation and global warming. To overcome all these problems in infrastructural development and to build tomorrow’s India, role of Civil Engineer remains of prime importance even in of information technology.

   The Department is enriched with 10 laboratories equipped with sophisticated instruments, experienced and dedicated teaching staff in all specialization of all disciplines of Civil Engineering.

The Department has following well equipped laboratories:

  Testing Of Materials Laboratory

  Geotechnical Engg. Laboratory

  Engineering Geology Laboratory

  Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

  Transportation Engineering Laboratory

  Environmental Engineering Laboratory

  Survey Laboratory

  Basic Civil & Environmental Engg. Laboratory

  Engineering Mechanics Laboratory

  CAD Laboratory

Short Term Goals

  • Create awareness about higher studies by motivating the students to appear for GATE etc.

  • Increase the percentage of excellence oriented human resource.

  • To create awareness about various competitive examinations.

  • To enhance the academic performance of the students through a strong teaching learning process.

  • To conduct the programmes for overall development of students i.e. professional, technical skills and entrepreneurial qualities.

  • To motivate and facilitate faculty members to acquire higher qualifications.

  • To organize conferences and seminars for students and faculty to inculcate and encourage research culture in them.

  • To serve the Society, Industry and all its Stakeholders through Value Added Quality Education.

Long Term Goals

  • Motivate students to appear for civil services, forest services, engineering services at national level.

  • Societal responsibility by creating awareness about housing and serving the needy.

  • To strengthen qualitative research and consultancy activities.

  • With the academic excellence, to focus on Innovation & Research, Professional Competence and Social Commitment because ENGINEERS ARE THE CREATORS OF NEW WORLD.

Future Plans

  • Besides technical and professional competence, our aim is to make every possible effort to equally imbibe in them the moral and ethical values and transform them into good human beings with these values embedded for life.

  • Keeping in accordance with the governmental vision of creating / building techno survey generation to lead the nation in to digital age, our prime focus is on developing such multi talented and all around man power.

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