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National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme are made available to all the students under guidance of Savitribai Phule Pune University.

National Service Scheme (National Service Scheme) has been playing a vital role in enriching the souls and minds of the students of the university since long time. The overall objective of this scheme is ‘Education and Service’ to the community and by the community. It is a programme for students to cater to the needs of the community, as and when required. It will also help the students to communicate with the society. The students joining this scheme develop many behaviorial interactive skills. They visit the rural areas as National Service Scheme volunteers during the camps organized by Institute. The National Service Scheme volunteers take initiative in developing a Technocratic Environment and also help the underprivileged people to develop themselves. The scheme promotes the ability to present them in a better way. Thus the ultimate goal of the scheme is to strive to inculcate the bond of patriotism, national integration, brotherhood, communal harmony among these volunteers.

Activities :

Under National Service Scheme two different types of activity: 1) Regular activity and 2) Special Camp

Regular Activity:

Duration of regular activity services is 120 hours. The National Service Scheme Units organise the regular activities as detailed below:
i) Orientation of National Service Scheme Volunteers : To get the National Service Scheme volunteers acquainted with the basics of National Service Scheme programmers, 20 hours are allocated for their orientation through lectures, discussions, field visits, and audio-visuals etc.

ii) Campus work 30 hours in a year: Such Work cover tree plantation, Swachata Abhiyan in the premises, awareness programmes on Road Safety, AIDS, Tobacco effect, National Days and Celebrations ,Essay compitation,poster compitation. The National Service Scheme volunteers may work on campus projects.

(iii) The remaining 70 hours will be utilized for community service on the projects in adopted villages/urban slums independently or in collaboration with others in this field, as detailed below.

(iv) The National Service Scheme Volunteers may be placed with selected voluntary organizations working for rural projects such as Water conservation, Tree plantation, Gram Swachata ,waste land development, agricultural operations , health , nutrition , hygiene , sanitation, mother and child care, family life education, Construction of rural roads.
National Programmes :

In the development of any nation , certain programmes assumes special relevance in view of problems existing or anticipated. In our country, three such programmes have been launched . They are the Mass Programme of Functional Literacy, AIDS Awareness Programme and Sustainable development with emphasis on Watershed Management & Wasteland Development. It is pertinent to mention here that National Service Scheme Volunteers have come forward with zeal to make these programmes a great success.

Special Camp:

i) Special Camping forms an integral part of National Service Scheme:It has special appeal to the youth as it provides unique opportunities to the National Service Scheme Volunteers for group-living, collective experience sharing and constant interaction with community.

ii) Camp Programme: No uniform schedule of activities for a work camp due to considerable variety in the scope and content of the projects, The National Service Scheme Volunteers may be placed working for rural projects such as Construction of Earthen dam, Construction of rural roads, Tree plantation, Gram Swachata, health, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, mother and child care, and family life education., Cultural programme, Discussion on social topics.

iii) Duration of the Camp: The National Service Scheme Camp will be of 07 days duration. The National Service Scheme volunteers are expected to be in the camp throughout the period, including on the inaugural day and depart from the camp only on closing day after valedictory function.

Sr.No. About National Service Scheme Description
01 Year of National Service Scheme Established A.Y.2013-2014
02 National Service Scheme Programme Officer Prof. Kajabe R. S.
03 No of National Service Scheme Unit Working 01
04 No of National Service Scheme Volunteers Involved 50
05 Aim of National Service Scheme Development of the personality of college students through social service.
06 Motto Of National Service Scheme NOT ME BUT YOU
07 Duration Two Years
08 Programmers Regular activities 120 hours in a year Special Camp seven days