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Vidyarthini Arogya Prabhodhan

Savitribai Phule Pune University is organizing a Health Education Program targeted towards female students studying in the various colleges affiliated to the University.

The program was planned looking into the health aspects of the female students. The health problem like the prevalence of anaemia, nutritional deficiencies, reproductive health and the psychosocial health were considered while designing this program.

Target group:

The target group is female students which constitute about 3,50,000 in numbers, studying in over about 935 colleges and spread over a geographical area constituting the districts of Pune, Ahmednagar and Nasik.


The program consists of two components:
1.Haemoglobin estimation of female students in various colleges affiliated to the University of Pune. VidyatriniArogya1 VidyatriniArogya3This will be done in a staggered way throughout the year so as to cover all the female students. The students who are iron deficient will be supplied with iron supplementation.

2.Health education workshops/lectures on various topics to be delivered at the colleges campuses throughout the year.For this the health Centre has finalized the topics after consultation with various experts in the field. Subject experts have been invited to design a PowerPoint presentation which will be delivered by trained trainers in the colleges.

These trainers have been given training on how to deliver the workshop at the college level.This is done to so that a uniform and standard content is delivered across all the colleges.

Following is the list of modules. These modules are being prepared by the experts in the relevant fields:
  • Nutrition
  • Reproductive Health.
  • Introduction to laws and regulation regarding women.
  • Self Defence (Sexual Harassment recognition and reaction)
  • Addictions
  • Psychosocial health (Impulsive behaviour and its consequences)
  • Personal and community hygiene.
  • Stress management with respect to Exams and Staying on Campus.
  • Depression
  • Balancing study/career and personal responsibilities.
The registration of this program is online.College should assign one of the staff member to be the contact person for this program. They should take appointment at the following URL
Please login with the login ID and Password which will be provided

This is the method to take appointments:
  • Select the convenient date for the program
  • Then check in the appropriate boxes for conducting workshop and /or Hb estimation
  • Select the topic for the workshop.
  • Enter the number of students (max 120 for one program).
  • Please enter the details of the contact person of the college for this program.

Within 24 – 48 hours the college will receive a mail regarding confirmation of the program .
The mail will contain contact details of the Faculty for this program as well as the contact details of the laboratory.

The email will contain a link to download the following three documents :
a) Payment voucher of the faculty.
b) Remuneration Voucher of the college.
c) Form certifying the number of Hemoglobin test done.
After completion of the program please send duly filled vouchers for reimbursement to :
The Coordinator,
Students Health Service Scheme,
Savitribai Phule Pune University,
Pune 7.

Important instructions:

The colleges can conduct both the components together or separately. If college intake capacity is high (more than 120) they can conduct the program in stages on different days. Hemoglobin estimation will be done for every student only once.

I) Facilities required at the college level
Component One : Hemoglobin estimation
Following facilities are required -

1. A Hall.
2. Few tables & chairs
3.Facility for drinking water.
4. One or more female teachers from the college should be present throughout the process of hemoglobin estimation.

II) Facilities required at the college level
Following facilities are required-

Lecture Hall

LCD projector & laptop

During the workshop one or two non-teaching female staff should be present in the hall.

To facilitate better interaction between the students and faculty it is advisable that teaching staff should not be present in the hall during workshop.

Please take printouts of the vouchers provided along with the email before the program.

After completion of Hemoglobin testing the Principal should certify the number of students tested and hand over the certificate to the Lab personnel.(Certificate will be provided in the email)

After completion of the workshop the faculty conducting the workshop should be paid their remuneration as mentioned in the voucher.

Please take the faculty’s signature on the voucher provided and submit the voucher to the students health service scheme for reimbursement.

The third document is the voucher payable to the college for incidental expenses incurred for organizing the program.

This voucher should be signed by the Principal and submitted for reimbursement.

Distribution of iron tablets
The students whose Hb is less than 9 gm% will be provided iron tablets free of cost by the University. The list of such students and the tablets will be delivered at the colleges for their distribution.
Ms. Andre S. B.
(Program Co-Ordinator).